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April Events at The Smith Gallery – Beauty is a Wonderful Subject to Paint
Twenty-First Musing

by Ms. Terious


April Events at The Smith Gallery – Beauty is a Wonderful Subject to Paint

The Twenty-First Musing

This may be the season for April showers but stepping into The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing will bring you a colorful and sunny peek into the beauty of spring with delightful landscapes, bright flowers, and brilliant colors surrounding you in a Halo of Happiness, that will envelop you for days after your artful visit.

On Thursday April 11, The Smith Gallery will present the opening exhibition of watercolorist Jeannine Swartz. The wine and cheese reception, from 5 – 7 PM, will also feature the beautiful renditions of your favorite music by pianist Polly Smith. The exhibition will be available for viewing through May 4.

Jeannine is a well-known award-winning watercolorist and signature member of many watercolor societies including The National Watercolor Society, The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and The Baltimore Watercolor Society where she was awarded the title of Watercolor Master Elite. As one jurist stated, “(her art is) Proof that beauty is a wonderful subject to paint.” Her art has been exhibited across the United States and has been included in various publications.

Irises in Copper Urn by Jeannine Swartz

Jeannine studied art at HACC and went on to work as a graphic designer for a publishing company where she had the opportunity to pursue more drawing and watercolor painting opportunities. She was also the Executive Director of a visual arts center for many years. As she worked in this field, she began doing more painting on her own and realized what a passion it had become for her. Her artist friends around her helped her in her growth and as she says, “I was fortunate to find some friends who were accomplished artists – and when you have that scope of friends around you, they can guide you through things such as entering juried exhibitions and getting into galleries…it all developed from there.” She later adds, “Although I work in realism, I learn so many different things from my artist friends, such as business experiences, tips and techniques they use, and the advice and inspiration I receive…it is so important to me to be with my artist friends and community.”

Jeannine often works from photo references found in the outdoors, objects she sees, or even items for sale in antique shops. She will set up a still life, take a photo, and work on making her idea come to life. Her work is based in realism and her enjoyment of this style compels her to produce watercolor paintings and fluid acrylics that look so real you are drawn to attempt to smell the flowers or touch one of the objects as you are convinced that they must be genuinely there before your eyes. Various items that could have been lost to time are now given a permanent life through her art. She has perfectly captured these images through light and reflection.

Who's Watching by Jeannine Swartz

Jeannine is also a yoga instructor at Platinum Fitness. One of her Silver Sneakers students had this to say about Jeannine, “Jeannine exercises every joint and muscle in our bodies, even our eye muscles! Her classes are a wonderful workout and also a spiritual experience. I connect this spirituality to what I see in her art – she works with every detail in our bodies as she works with every detail in her paintings. She is an amazing instructor and an amazing artist and her art portrays her spirituality perfectly.”

Jeannine, a native of Central PA, credits her parents with imbuing her creative spirit throughout her life. Her nurturing mother taught her how to sew doll clothes and arrange flower bouquets at an early age. Her father was supportive in traveling with her to drop off art to various exhibits, attend openings, and be with her when she was receiving her many awards. From childhood through adult-hood she was artfully supported and thrived in the field of art.

Springhouse by Jeannine Swartz


Mark your calendar for this opening and spend the evening surrounded by exciting art by Jeannine Swartz and other fantastic local artists. Take the opportunity to speak with the artist and other artists who may be present, and as always Debbie and her knowledgeable staff will be onsite to answer any questions you may have. Following the opening reception, you will have the opportunity to see the master at work during an artist demonstration on Saturday April 13 from 11 AM to 1 PM!

On April 19, for Third in TheBurg, The Smith Gallery East, 264 North Street Harrisburg, the working studio of artist in residence, Elide Hower, will be launching a new exhibit of Elide’s artwork plus a rotating gallery of other local artists and sculptors. Join in the fun from 6-9 PM. And please stay tuned  for more information on this new gallery space that will be opening on a regular weekly basis with new and diverse art to catch the attention of all local art lovers.

Another important sidebar for this musing is that The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing has added a new feature to their website. In honor of their 37th anniversary in business, you can now shop for art in their online gallery, https://www.smithcustomframing.com/shop-art/ . If you are hungry for local art and it is late at night or a Sunday afternoon, just click on this link and replenish your Halo of Happiness!

Please visit the The Smith Gallery to view more art by these artists and many other talented artists whose works are featured.  View the YouTube channel ArtTalks2u for The Smith Gallery Art Talks with many of the artists exhibiting in the gallery.  Make sure to follow The Smith Gallery on their Facebook page The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing, their Instagram @FineArt2U, and online at fineart2u.com to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming events.


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