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Art and Objects – Adding Sculpture to Your Art Collection
Twenty-Second Musing

by Ms. Terious


Art and Objects – Adding Sculpture to Your Art Collection

The Twenty-Second Musing

With the addition of beautiful locally made sculpture to The Smith Gallery’s inventory of fine art, let’s turn our attention to the art of adding sculpture to various areas of home, business, or office.

Sculpture asks for our attention in a different way than paintings do as sculpture is part of a three-dimensional world, just like we humans. We can view it from different angles and see different parts of it and similar to paintings it can add beauty and personality to any room where it is placed.

Sculpture will add to the existing architecture of a room and can also add another dimension to a painting that is in proximity. Think about adding sculpture into your art collection by displaying it in several different ways: It can become a focal point on a table or shelf or even on its own pedestal, elevating the room in a dramatic way, It can be placed in a window where the light at various times of day will add a different and unexplored dimension to your work of art, If it is a large piece, it can be free standing on the floor, it can be paired with a painting or paintings in order to create another level of decorative beauty while adding another dimension to the story found in your hanging art.

Here are a few ideas to assist you in coming up with plans to add to the dimension and beauty of your already existing art collection.

Adding a sculpture that references the theme of the art can add playfulness and dimension to an existing space. Even a play on words with the title of a painting can add a fun touch. In this example, one of the paintings is entitled ‘Atomic Rooster’ and it is added to this grouping which contains a sculpture of a rooster that appears to be attacking.


 In this pairing, the colors of the painting are enhanced by the addition of the small bunny sculpture with the colorful beads encircling its head. The addition of the larger rabbit sculpture adds additional dimension but also carries out a theme.

A larger floor sculpture adds additional interest to these 3 pieces of art by continuing the theme of abstract figures.

A smaller work of art could be enhanced by choosing a sculptural piece in similar and complimentary colors. In this shelf arrangement the taller yellow, pink, and green piece allows room for other smaller pieces of sculpture that could be added for additional interest. Two additional pieces of sculpture were added in darker contrasting colors that also have an interesting sheen which adds more dimension to this grouping.

Art that has been hung over a fireplace can be elevated by adding a piece or two of sculpture on the mantle.

Is there a quiet nook in your home that is already peaceful and soothing because of its colors and simplicity? The addition of the sculpture on one of the tables adds a quiet ethereal vibe to this already beautiful area.

Sometimes serendipity shows its lovely face and a space that we think has been finalized just calls out for the addition of its soul mate. The owner of this grouping felt that a complete story had been told between the painting, the art glass vase, the small piece of fabric art and the sculptural copper wall hanging. But a call one day from The Smith Gallery to tell her that a piece of sculpture titled ‘Persephone’ had just been delivered to the gallery, turned into an unexpected addition to this setting as the title of the painting is also ‘Persephone’ and in studying the face of Persephone in the painting and Persephone of the sculpture it was apparent that they needed to be together in this setting.

A sculpture placed in a window provides something of beauty to be seen by passersby and enhanced when viewed in the home where it is paired with a beautiful painting.

Stop in to The Smith Gallery, either in its New Cumberland setting or at The Smith Gallery Downtown located in Harrisburg to see a sampling of many different types of sculptures and paintings that are just waiting to become part of the setting in your own home.

Artists shown in this musing: Mark Dennis, John Guarnera, Sheri Bare, Sarah Drum, Donna Berk Barlup, Elide Hower, Carrie Wissler-Thomas, Jonathan Frazier, Karen Morton, Sten, Stuart Leask, Gail Walden Coleman, Jeanney Wharton, Peg Belcastro, and Arlene Figueroa.

On May 17th from 6-9 PM please join in the Third in The Burg fun at EH Studio – Elide Hower, Artist in Residence and The Smith Gallery Downtown, an amazing collaboration of original works by artist Elide Hower with additional works of art by local artists, all curated by Debbie Smith of The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing. This gallery is located at 264 North St, Harrisburg and is open every Friday and Saturday evening from 6-9 PM. A new website for this space is being developed – https://www.smithgallerydowntown.com

The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing has added a new feature to their website. In honor of their 37th anniversary in business, you can now shop for art in their online gallery, https://www.smithcustomframing.com/shop-art/ . If you are hungry for local art and it is late at night or a Sunday afternoon, just click on this link and replenish your Halo of Happiness!

A call to artists for “True Colors”, an LGBTQ+ exhibition is now open. Please look on the FineArt2U.com website at https://www.smithcustomframing.com/true-colors/ for additional information regarding submission of original artwork for this juried show. “True Colors” is sponsored by Capital Blue Cross and Susan’s Treasures.

Visit the The Smith Gallery to view more art by the artists’ works shown in this musing, and many other talented artists whose works are featured. View the YouTube channel ArtTalks2u for The Smith Gallery Art Talks with many of the artists exhibiting in the gallery.  Make sure to follow The Smith Gallery on their Facebook page The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing, their Instagram @FineArt2U, and online at fineart2u.com to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming events.


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