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Smith Gallery-March show

Art Exhibition Featuring Thom Glace & Rosanne Wolfe

We are pleased to announce our next Art Exhibition and reception for watercolor artists Thom Glace and Rosanne Wolfe, here, at the Atelier Gallery at the Smith Gallery and Fine Custom Framing Friday, March 10.

Thom Glace is a transparent watercolor artist, specializing in nature studies. His favorite subjects are: trout, salmon, freshwater and saltwater fish, dragonflies, songbirds, shorebirds and mayflies. He has expanded his work by adding landscapes and birds in their natural environments.

Rosanne says that color and light are qualities that attract her attention in daily life. So, when it comes to painting, these are also the qualities she works with to make come alive in her art. Rosanne says, “There’s a joy that comes from rendering form with subtle details and rich textural variations—transforming the seemingly mundane into something worthy of a closer look.”

Both artists are a delight to talk with about their art. We hope you can meet them on Friday, March 10 from 5-8. We will offer the piano stylings of Polly Smith, wine and cheese and a Saison Farmhouse Ale brewed by Kristen Richards specifically for this event.