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March Events at The Smith Gallery – “Oh, the Stories We Tell!”
Twentieth Musing

by Ms. Terious


March comes in like a lion for The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing with three back-to-back events happening, beginning March 7th. Be sure to mark your calendar!

On Thursday, March 7th from 5 pm to 7 pm The Smith Gallery presents a new exhibit entitled Oh, the Stories We Tell! It opens with a reception for artists Peg Belcastro and Jeanney Wharton, the creators of this exhibit. The exhibit is aptly named as the paintings tell the innermost stories of both these artists through representational and abstract works recently created. The exhibit will consist of at least ten paintings by each artist.

Peg Belcastro began her series of 24-inch canvases done both abstractly and representationally, in a very loose style as a way of conveying her feelings rather than her thoughts. She started without any preconceived ideas,  working with smaller canvases than she would normally use.  She began by painting with paper towels rather than brushes and her theme started developing on the canvases. The paintings are done in acrylics, house paints, collages, wax crayons, paint markers, and graphite. Peg states that each painting will be a narrative about something that has or is taking place in her life and viewers will have an opportunity to view the paintings and interpret for themselves what the painted narrative brings forth for them personally. As Peg says, “Every artist strives to paint something that is not only personal to themselves but is meaningful in the life of even just one other person who sees it, identifies with it, and wants to take it home.” Peg has written down her narratives as short stories for the paintings being exhibited. You may be able to see this notebook if it is available at the gallery or better yet, converse with Peg – she will tell you her story for a particular painting and you can tell her the story that came up for you as you viewed it.

Peg Belcastro – “You’re a Peach”
Peg Belcastro – “Home Sweet Home”

Jeanney Wharton will be exhibiting a series of works done in various canvas sizes representing narrative and abstract pieces done in strong, bold colors and created through various mediums including acrylics, charcoal, mixed media, collage, and marks created by various tools. Jeanney admits liking to work in mediums that are messy. Observers often mention that they find her work and style to have a dramatic effect on the viewer, which she adds she would rather have the drama show up in her art than in her life. Jeanney’s works are often done in many layers that become covered up and the viewer will only see glimpses of the history of what is beneath the top layer on the canvas. Jeanney states, “As Carl Jung says, ‘We all have a story.’ Abstract painting works so well in conveying this while leaving room for the viewer to have their own interpretation and story.” Take some time to speak with Jeanney and find out what makes her tick as an artist.

Jeanney Wharton – “Platform 24”
Jeanney Wharton – “The Ole Backyard”

Although Peg and Jeanney have become very good friends through their interaction at Carlisle Arts and Learning Center (CALC) and although they are drawn to similar ideas in art, have studied with many of the same teachers, and use similar techniques; their painting styles are quite different. Because their styles are so different the collaboration between the two of these artists will provide an exhibit that has the ultimate synergistic viewing potential for observers.

On Friday March 8th from 5 pm to 9 pm a new event venue will be coming in the form of a pop-up gallery named The Smith Gallery East which is located at 264 North Street in Harrisburg next to the triplex of Mangia Qui, Rubicon, and Suba Restaurants. This is a one-night-only event showcasing the new works of artist, Elide Hower, co-owner of the three restaurants, along with other women artists in celebration of International Women’s Day. Join in the fun celebrating women’s involvement and offerings to the art world while celebrating yourself or a special woman in your life.

On Saturday March 9th  from 11 am to 1 pm, The Smith Gallery will be presenting a live painting demonstration by both Jeanney and Peg using an interactive modality that will bring the viewers into the action. Small pieces of paper with prompts, such as “use green paint”, ‘paint with your non dominant hand” and other prompts will be available to the viewers who will join in by giving one of these prompts to the artist or perhaps doing the prompt themselves. This method was created as an intensive program for artists entitled Creative Visionary Program (CVP) by Nicholas Wilton. Each artist will create two paintings that will then be given away at the end of the demonstration. This demonstration is geared toward a loosening up process in painting, having fun, and expanding perceived limitations. This is the perfect time for everyone who is curious about their hidden artistic abilities to join in the fun and prove that everyone is an artist – they just don’t know it yet. Come in your old clothes and prepare to get messy if you wish.

Please visit the The Smith Gallery to view more art by these artists and many other talented artists whose works are featured.  View the YouTube channel ArtTalks2u for The Smith Gallery Art Talks with many of the artists exhibiting in the gallery.  Make sure to follow The Smith Gallery on their Facebook page The Smith Gallery & Fine Custom Framing, their Instagram @FineArt2U, and online at fineart2u.com to make sure you don’t miss any upcoming events.


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