Art Restoration& Prints

Restoration of Oil and Acrylic Paintings

We can clean, repair, and varnish your original oil and acrylic paintings. By cleaning, we can lift colors in your paintings, and by finishing it with varnish, it will be protected from the elements and will keep the paint looking fresh. We also repair new and antique paintings on board and canvas. We can fix tears in canvas or dings on the surface. We repair the tears on canvas by using a canvas patch on the back, fill and inpaint to replicate the work originally painted by the artist. In most cases, people can’t see where the repairs have been made (which is, indeed, the goal)! Cost is determined by size, extent of dirtiness, and amount and kind of damage. We would be happy to give you an estimate!

Photo Restoration

We offer digital restoration of your cracked, faded, or damaged photo or artwork. Images can be uploaded below or provided to us on thumb drive, then we will work our talents to restore your treasures. See the amazing things we can do for you!

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Archival and Poster Prints

Restored images or new images can be printed up to 44” x 78” on a variety of substrates, including archival paper, metallic photo paper, waterproof polypropylene, canvas, glossy photo paper, and matte finish photo paper. All we need a file that is at least 3MB and we’ll print a pretty picture in black and white or full color! Upload your image below or contact us for more information.

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Conservation Framing
Shadow Boxes
Needlework Framing
Diplomas & Documents