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Needlework Framing Specialists

We use the term “needlework” for a general category of decorative sewing and textile arts handicrafts. Anything that uses a needle for construction can be called needlework (i.e., cross stitch, needlepoint, blackwork, etc.).

To frame your needlework treasures, we use a technique called “lacing” that is totally reversible and will not harm the original art. Using similar materials (like thread) that were used to create the original needle art, we sew—or “lace”— the needle art onto a rag-content foam board. If there is not enough fabric around the image that will be shown, we can add a gusset. Adding a gusset is many times used in the framing of antique needle art that has compromised fabric.

If we are framing a piece that isn’t square, we will “block” the needle art until it is. Using this technique, we are able to manipulate the piece square before mounting it with tightened stitches. We first lace the long side, and once we are happy that is on the board in the right place, we continue with the shorter side. As we go, we are tightening the thread. It is a continuous thread from the first insertion of the needle until it is perfectly mounted and then tied off.

We never use glue or adhesives of any kind, or staples to mount your needle art, so once mounted, it can always be removed with the simple cutting of the threads on the back. We place another piece of acid free foam board behind the laced piece to protect the stitches.

If a customer prefers no glass, we oblige but strongly suggest using museum glass or Optium Museum Acrylic. When using any type of glass on needle art, we add a spacer between the face of the needle art and the glass to keep the fabric protected from condensation and eventually weakened or rotted fabric.

Some customers like to use matting to create a border around their work. We have many fabrics and textures to choose from to enhance your work. And, of course, everything we use is conservation quality.

If we have a piece of embroidery, crochet, or other kind of textile that the edges need to be shown, we can “couch mount” the piece, which means top mounting the piece onto a fabric or conservation quality matboard.

In framing of your needle art, we know that they are, indeed, works of art and should be treated that way. They are also your legacy and will be passed on for generations to come.

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We are the framer of choice by members of the Molly Pitcher Stitchers and the Susquehanna Embroiderers Guild.