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Peg Belcastro

Peg Belcastro

Peg Belcastro artwork in our gallery

Peg BelcastroAlthough Peg Belcastro was born and raised in south-central Pennsylvania, living in Alaska from 2002 to 2012 deeply influenced the way she approaches her art. It was in those extraordinary surroundings that she discovered the significance of letting go and getting out of her own way that is so vital for tapping into the creative flow.

The people who live in Alaska have a particular way of thinking which is essential for surviving in the far north. It’s the attitude of courage to be true to yourself, to honor your passions and to live life to the fullest – no matter what anyone else thinks,” she says.

Peg knew as a young girl that she would follow a path in the arts, and she sold her first painting at age fifteen. Later, she studied ceramics at Bloomsburg University and enjoyed creating pottery and sculpture for a number of years. But it was during her time in Alaska that she once again returned to her love of color and painting.  Bold brushstrokes, exuberant colors and fresh mark-making became the hallmarks of her pieces. After retiring early from a career in real estate which included designing and building homes, she now dedicates her time to artistic exploration in her painting studio. Although Peg is mostly self-taught, she has studied painting with Nicholas Wilton, Krista Harris, Linda Benton-McCloskey and Stewart Cubley. Over the last twenty-plus years she has participated in solo, group and invitational exhibits in Pennsylvania, Alaska, Virginia, New Jersey, and Vermont. She still spends many summers painting in her beloved Homer, Alaska. Peg is also a Reiki Master and a musician who plays the African marimba in an all-women band. She’s an avid baker, cook and cheesemaker. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and her recently adopted senior dog, Bree.