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Dan Stencovage (Sten)

Sten artwork in our gallery

StenDiscover the captivating world of Sten, a dynamic 64-year-old artist hailing from Saint Clair, Pennsylvania living in the Harrisburg area since 1978. This self-taught painter, now an influential figure in Harrisburg’s vibrant art scene, has transformed his passion into masterpieces after dedicating nearly four decades to the health insurance sector.

Delve into the diversity of Sten’s creations. He masterfully employs brushes, palette knives, sponges, and even unexpected everyday items, all to breathe life into art with a one-of-a-kind texture.

Proudly making waves in the art community, Sten’s exquisite pieces have graced local galleries, and he’s even made a mark in the illustrious Harrisburg Magazine. Internationally recognized, he’s contributed to the Mural Mosaics Global Roots Project, with his artwork now embedded in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

But Sten’s influence doesn’t stop at galleries. He’s a beacon of community spirit, frequently donating his art to champion local charities, making a difference one painting at a time. Dive in and be inspired by Sten’s incredible journey.