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Thom Glace

Thom Glace

Thom Glace artwork in our gallery

Thom GlaceWhile Thom Glace is a native of Central Pennsylvania, he took a long path finding his way back to the Harrisburg area- where he was born. He and his wife lived in various locations, including North Carolina, New Hampshire, St. Croix USVI and The Netherlands. After college, he worked in a publishing firm, a newspaper and 2 advertising firms, including his own in Greensboro, NC. While managing a firm in the Virgin Islands, he also taught college at the University of the Virgin Islands and wrote a couple of Television shows in the Caribbean region. He was also employed by a major electronics components company in marketing & sales- including an Ex-Pat assignment in The Netherlands and saw work in over 50 countries conducting International Marketing.

Eighteen years ago, Thom had a Catastrophic Heart Attack, and was forced to retire on disability. He took up watercolors after a year in bed, to have a hobby to keep him busy. Since then, his art has taken off.

His style of painting is what he has labeled a Biological Study Format- showing a species by itself in all its glory. While he started with local species, he has expanded to paint everything from the Peacock Bass of the Amazon, the Marble Trout of Slovenia to the Masu (Cherry) Salmon of Japan. After many of these fish studies, he branched out to dragonfly studies, where he found the challenge of the delicate features of insect anatomy. Especially in the various wing patterns. He has started to paint the mayfly and stonefly insects. Once in a while, he breaks away to paint an Assateague Island wild horse- or a Megalith in Ireland or Wales. He has starting to branch out into songbirds and shore birds. His painting style is with transparent watercolor, almost 100% drybrush on Watercolor Board. While this method has absolutely no forgiveness- one mistake or blotch means staring over again.

Thom has been active with donating his time and artwork to charities. He feels he should not waste his second chance with life and should contribute what he can. In that vein he has built a special relationship with Project: Healing Waters that supports wounded veterans and with an organization supporting breast cancer survivors- Casting for Recovery- he has donated framed originals and prints and usage of images on various products. He also has supported many organizations for cleaning up our waters- both fresh and saltwater. This part of his growth as a watercolor artist has been his greatest reward.