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‘Tis the Season for Gifting Art (Part II)
Seventeenth Musing

by Ms. Terious

In Part I of ‘Tis the Season’, I gave a few suggestions for gifting art over the holidays. Let’s build on the ideas from Part I and delve deeper into art for gift giving. Here are a few more thoughts for choosing the perfect gift of art, which can last a lifetime.

Think of the things that are important to your gift receiver – does he or she love the outdoors and nature? If so, a beautifully rendered scene done in soft watercolors would be perfect.


Daniel Keating – “Wistful Hills”


Daniel Keating – “Backroads”

Maybe you are gifting a person who loves to fish. A beautifully framed biological study of local fish may fit the bill perfectly.  Bird watchers, yes – Smith Gallery has that covered too with many beautiful scenes including birds.

Thom Glace – “Redfin Freshwater Darter”


Marble Trout by Thom Glace
Thom Glace – “Marble Trout”


Lina Ferrara - Heron by the Sea
Lina Ferrara – “Heron by the Sea”


Stuart Leask – “Cardinal”

If your friend is a collector of art produced by a local artist, this is easy! A trip to your local gallery that is showcasing this artist’s works is a great way to start. The Smith Gallery has dozens of local artists whose work is showcased on the gallery walls. You will find many genres of paintings from Plein Air to Abstract; from Realism to Impressionism; watercolors, oils, acrylics, sketches and much more can be found on the gallery walls. And remember that buying local helps build our community of artists, art lovers, and the galleries that bring them all together.

Julie Riker – “Spring Buds”


Susan Benigni Landis – “NC Borough Park Sycamores”


Richard Michaelian – “I See You”


Rosanne Wolfe – “On a Red Wood Box”


Debbie Thompson – “Road to Serendipity”


Perhaps you are a camera buff and you have taken a photo that you know would be enjoyed as a gift. Have it printed on high quality paper or canvas, choose a beautiful frame and your gift is not only complete, it showcases your thoughtfulness. Another photography idea is a photo you captured of their beloved pet, you might decide a smaller print of this for their home or work desk would be the perfect thoughtful gift.

Another thing to keep in mind is what is the size of the piece you are contemplating. Do you have a specific place in mind where you think it might fit? Often there is more space than one thinks is available, especially if a smaller piece is chosen. With this gift you may be able to make them a fan of these Musings, especially Musings #2, #6, and #7 when I talked about building an art collection and reimagining your space.

Susan Getty – “Blue Sky I”


Rosanne Wolfe – “Pinecone 1”


Annie Lesch – “Chick Magnet”


Karen Ferrick – “Scarlet”

Watch for Part III and more ideas for gifting art.

Plan a day to visit The Smith Gallery and Fine Custom Framing and speak with the helpful and experienced staff to find a gift of art that will last a lifetime.

Artists whose works have been showcased here are: Daniel Keating, Thom Glace, Stuart Leask, Lina Ferrara, Debbie Thompson, Susan Getty, Rosanne Wolfe, Annie Lesch, Julie Riker, and Richard Michaelian.

Please visit the The Smith Gallery to view more art by these artists and many other talented artists and view our ArtTalks videos for conversations with artists.


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