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‘Tis the Season for Gifting Art (Part I)
Seventeenth Musing

by Ms. Terious

December is a month with over a dozen holidays, some more well known and celebrated worldwide and others that are just for fun, like National Candy Cane Day and Mitten Tree Day.

Whatever holidays you choose to celebrate and consider gift giving, art makes a perfect gift. You may say, “Are you sure about that?” The answer is yes because as you readers have come to expect, I love thinking outside the box, or in this case, outside the gift box.

It may seem intimidating but giving a gift of art shows planning and effort on your part, not to mention a deep understanding and connection to the person you are gifting the art to. It also speaks to your gift-giving talent and panache.

In the three installments of ‘Tis the Season we will look at a variety of gift giving ideas meant to delight you and more importantly, delight the person who will be receiving your very thoughtful gift.

Are there any tips on choosing art as a gift for a friend or loved one? Well, yes, but again as you know I like bending rules just a tad to make things more fun.

For instance, you may know that the person you are gifting to loves abstract art and is a minimalist, and you can go with that. Or you could study the colors that are predominant in their home and think a bit outside the box and choose a gift of Pointillism or Abstract Expressionism art, maybe even a small wall sculpture that has similar colors and textures to their existing art and then tell them why you thought this piece would please their esthetic taste. Yes, you may be going out on a limb, but you may also have opened the door for them to a whole other genre in art collecting. This particular gift idea is indeed a bold move and takes courage, but if you are reading these Musings, I already know that you are bold!

Peg Belcastro – “The Calm in Her Storm”


Gail Walden Coleman - Enchanted Depths
Gail Walden Coleman – “Enchanted Depths”


Karen Morton – “Wanderlust”

Is the person you are gifting to one who enjoys totally revamping their home over the holiday season? If that’s the case, you could choose something with a holiday theme that would work perfectly with their décor and could grace their walls for months to come.

Sten – “Reindeer Sparkle”


Rosanne Wolfe – “Red, Red Door”


Jeannine Swartz – “Noel”

You may inherently know what artist a person is drawn to because you have been to their home many times and you have seen their collection and maybe even have had talks about art and artists.

If a person’s favorite artist is Monet, you may feel stymied, but do they have a love of France in general, or a particular scene that was painted by Monet that they love? You could find a high-quality print and have it framed in a special way to fit their décor.

. Thinking a bit outside the box, you may see work by a local artist while visiting the Smith Gallery, that has been done in the style of Monet, or even a piece with a vibe of France.

Susan Getty – “Wild Grasses”


Elide Hower – “The Cove”


Jonathan Frazier – “Sun on the Water”

Now that we’ve gotten a start on gift giving ideas, watch for the next installment of “Tis the Season” coming later in the week for more bold and exciting gift ideas.

Plan a day to visit The Smith Gallery and Fine Custom Framing and speak with the helpful and experienced staff to find a gift of art that will last a lifetime.

Artists whose works have been showcased here are: Roseanne Wolfe, Sten, Jeannine Swartz, Susan Getty, Gail Waldman Coleman, Elide Hower, Peg Belcastro, Karen Morton, Jonathan Frazier.

Please visit the The Smith Gallery to view more art by these artists and many other talented artists and view our ArtTalks videos for conversations with artists.


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